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If you are divorced and remarried and have children from your previous marriage, there may be benefits in having your children legally adopted by your new spouse. In addition to the sense of family that it can foster, it can also make them eligible for coverage under your spouse’s insurance plan, and make them beneficiaries of your spouse’s estate. A stepparent adoption can be tricky, though, as you will need the voluntary or involuntary termination of your ex-spouse’s parental rights. You want an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

At the law office of Ginette A. Dow, I have more than 19 years of experience working with men and women throughout Jefferson County and Shelby County, including individuals involved in stepparent adoptions. I understand the emotional highs and lows that are often part of the adoption process. I place a premium on personal service and attention, taking the time to listen carefully to all your questions and concerns. I will keep you fully updated on all developments throughout the process, as well as your options moving forward, so that you always know where you stand. I am committed to building a strong relationship based on trust and open communication.

I provide a free initial consultation to anyone involved in a stepparent adoption proceeding. Call my office at 205-425-2223 to set up an appointment.

My Stepparent/Family Adoption Counsel

I handle all matters related to stepparent adoptions, preparing and filing all paperwork required by the courts, and acting as your representative in all hearings or meetings throughout the process. I will work directly with your ex-spouse or with opposing counsel to try to obtain a voluntarily termination of parental rights. If that is not possible, I will work with you to gather, prepare and present evidence to demonstrate that the adoption is in the best interests of your minor child.

I also work with other family members who seek to adopt children in need, including grandparents, aunts or uncles. My focus will always be on the best interests of the child. If you have concerns about the fitness of a family member as a parent, I will help you take the steps you need to demonstrate to the courts why an adoption is necessary.

Contact My Office

To set up an appointment with an experienced Bessemer stepparent adoption attorney, call my office at 205-425-2223. Your first meeting is free of charge.  My office is conveniently located near the courthouse in downtown Bessemer.

I represent clients throughout Jefferson County and Shelby County in Alabama, including Bessemer, Brighton, Lipscomb, Wenonah, Hueytown, Midfield, Fairfield, Shannon, Dolomite, Homewood, Hoover, Vestavia, Pelham and Birmingham.


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