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When you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you want an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your constitutional rights. Even if it’s not your first time facing criminal charges, it can feel like the state and the prosecutors hold all the cards. You want an attorney who knows and understands the criminal process, who has helped others in circumstances like yours.

At the law office of Ginette A. Dow, I have provided strong criminal defense counsel to individuals in Shelby County and Jefferson County since 1991. I know how frightening the criminal justice system can be, and take the time to listen carefully to your concerns, so that I can develop the best strategy to resolve all your problems. As a city judge in Lakeview since 2001, I have presided over many criminal matters. I have a comprehensive understanding of the criminal laws and procedures, as well as the ways prosecutors prepare criminal cases.  An experienced trial lawyer, I can also represent you in a criminal appeal.

To set up a meeting, call my office at 205-425-2223. Your first consultation is free.

An Overview of My Criminal Defense Practice

I aggressively defend people facing criminal charges, handling all matters related to cases involving prosecution for:

  • Felonies or misdemeanors—I handle the defense of a wide range of misdemeanor or felony charges, from drug offenses (such as possession, sale or trafficking, and manufacturing) to theft offenses, including grand or petty larceny, burglary, robbery and shoplifting. I take drug cases involving most types of controlled substances, from marijuana and cocaine to meth, heroin or prescription drugs.  I also represent people charged with assault, including domestic violence.
  • DUI or drunk driving—I protect the rights of people charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances. I will carefully review the details of your arrest, confirming that police had probable cause to pull you over.
  • Traffic violations —I defend individuals charged with moving violations, from DUI to speeding to reckless driving, as well as operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked license.

In all criminal matters, I will carefully examine the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, to make certain there was probable cause for any search or seizure, and that all evidence was legally obtained.

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To schedule an appointment with an experienced Bessemer criminal defense lawyer, call my office at 205-425-2223. Your initial consultation is free of charge. My office is conveniently located near the courthouse in downtown Bessemer.


I represent clients throughout Jefferson County and Shelby County in Alabama, including Bessemer, Brighton, Lipscomb, Wenonah, Hueytown, Midfield, Fairfield, Shannon, Dolomite, Homewood, Hoover, Vestavia, Pelham and Birmingham.


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